Tanawat Jukmongkol
January 30, 2023
174_GED Student_Tanawat Jukmongkol

"I shall humbly give my credits where credit is due. I could not have done this without studying at Paradigm Education center. I had to reach my almost seemingly impossible goal, where I had to nail my exams first try, all the while having only a few hours left before the exams (Special thanks to the Social studies teacher, where I started with almost little to no American historical knowledge. I am, of course, super thankful to all teachers at Paradigm as well!) The teachers here are super friendly and very supportive as well. I am sure that those on the fence, reluctant to join, will find that joining us will make you grow and be ready to tackle the GED exams in no time!"

GED Score : 688
GED Social Score : 169
GED Science Score : 178
GED Math Score : 169
GED RLA Score : 162