Chayanis Pornchaiyasit
January 16, 2020
98_IELTS Student_Chayanis Pornchaiyasit

“This education facility has given me so many tricks and useful knowledge that can only be acquired from attentive teachers. The classes have provided me more than just knowledge that I can obtain anywhere but confidence.
The instructors have planted a seed of confidence inside my insecure soul. They have watered me with such encouragement, comfort, and delightful atmosphere that I never have experienced from any of my past teachers. Making me blossom like a sunflower that ready to endure any hardship and face the future as bright as the sun fearlessly"

IELTS Score : 6.5
• Listening : 6.0
• Reading : 6.5
• Writing : 6.0
• Speaking : 6.5